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(Sung to a Gene Kruppa style syncopated drumbeat.)    

Cobi is a very strange kid. 
He likes to make things
create things
invent things --- build things! 
One day while walking in the 'hood
he came across a land of no-good
not badness - just junk mess.
And soon Cobi found this junk was good! 

Jade is a very wise kid. 
She likes Mother Earth and she thinks its good.
On her way to school from the school
bus she spied a lonely little tree on a rolling green glen.
Now the grass and the tree are right in the middle of the rubbish you see. 
Now matter to Jade
for right then she decided
to plant
flowers and veggies
to have a garden all her own. 

Topaz is a different kind of a kid.
He thinks he's a clever pirate searching for treasure.
While walking around and looking about
he found this great land of junk.
And he knows
yes he's quite sure; 
that soon he will find something
that will make him the richest kid in the universe. 

All the kids tease them
and no one understands them so everyone calls them - Junkidz!