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CAVEMAN stories present thoughtful parallels between our civilized(!) society and our 'brutish' past without any dialog. Each comic strip starts with caveman and ending with ourselves in our supposed modern times. We have built megalopolises and fancy Technologies but, as 'CAVEMAN' shows us with a sly grin, deep inside, we're still just a bunch of grunting beasts!
Some are hilarious.
Some will make you wince.
Some will make you laugh.
Some will take some figuring out.


In U.S.A:

-World War 3 in 1991
-Heavy Metal in 1993-and still continues.
-by NBM as a graphic novel in 1997.
-DC Comics/Vertigo in 1996.
-by Caveman Publishing during 1996-97.
-Screw magazine between 1998-2000

In Europa:

-By France Publisher 2L Production as a hard cover graphic novel in 1997.
-Wine label in France in 1997.
- By Dude Comics as a graphic novels in 2001.
-Penthouse Comix in Spain during 2001-2006
-(New graphic novel just published in Spain in 2007.
-Showtime in Germany in 2005.
-By Holland Publisher Libripress Publishing as a graphic novel in 2006 and Playhouse Magazine in Holland.

In China:

-Daily newspaper Guangzhou Daily starts in 2006 and continues.

In Turkey:

-Playboy in 1986.
-Anadolu Ekini in 1989.
-Car &Man in 1993.
-Yeni Yuzyil daily newspaper in 1996.
-Radikal daily newspaper during 1997-2001.
-FHM and Esquire in 2006.
-By Parantez Publisher as a graphic novel in 2007.
-Exhibitions in Ankara and Istanbul in 2007.

--Animated shorts for try out.