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Title: Junkidz

Target age: 6-11

Episode format:
Animated short stories.
Each story 7 or 11 minutes in length.

Junkidz are mod-archaeologist of the future, disovering their past in our trash.

Song teaser: All the kids tease them and no one understands them so everyone calls them-Junkidz.

Time: Future
JADE, COBI and TOPAZ have found a second home in a technological wasteland.
Cobi creates new gadgets and machines from the refuse.
Topaz searches for something valuable, something that will make him the reachest kid in the world.
Jade cultivates a small patch of grass with a lone orhchard tree, within the junkyard.
This trio of creative loners interacts in surprising ways, resulting in ridiculous encounters.
BORAX, GABBRO and JET are also tagged as Junkidz. Topaz's sister, LAVA hates everything about the Junkyard. She is the bane of all the Junkidz.